Simple. Powerful. Supported.

Lightcloud is a wireless lighting control system, developed and supported by RAB. Powerful and flexible, Lightcloud is easy to use and install.

The first-ever lighting control system qualified by DLC.
The first UL 2900-01 Listed Networked Lighting Controls.

Professional-grade lighting controls will never be the same.

Lightcloud is designed from the ground up to be the most intuitive, advanced and secure networked control system that delivers the energy savings you need, now and long into the future.

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Programmable schedules.

Program different lighting schedules across multiple zones based on shifts or the type of work occurring throughout the day. Tweak schedules from your smartphone, or just call us and we'll do it for you.

Daylight harvesting.

Save your lights for a cloudy day. Lightcloud’s wireless, solar-powered daylight sensor will make sure you use only what you need. It’s simple to adjust, and we can even do it for you remotely.

Dimming capabilities.

With Lightcloud, you can dim individual lights or adjust light levels for any area in your building. Combine dimming with occupancy sensors, daylight harvesting or scheduling for more energy savings

Occupancy/vacancy sensing.

No one needs light in empty spaces. Lightcloud sensors save more energy by illuminating only areas where people are. Need to change settings? Just grab your mobile device, or just give us a call.

Easy accessibility.

With Lightcloud, your lights are always in your hands. Easily make adjustments on your mobile device, desktop or tablet. Office workers can tune their workspace to use only what they need. The rest is savings.

Demand response.

Did you know that utility providers will pay you to keep your lights off during peak hours? Use Lightcloud schedules to turn your lights off and reap the savings.

up to


energy savings

payback in as little as



Faster payback comes standard.

Lightcloud is designed to deliver low total cost of ownership. Plus, RAB will work directly with you to find rebates and submit any required applications. Minimum operating cost together with rebates means faster payback and unmatched return on investment.

Get big rebates with Lightcloud.

Dramatically maximize your return on investment and minimize break-even time. Lightcloud is the first-ever lighting control system to be added to the DLC Qualified Products List, giving you unparalleled access to utility rebates.

Lightcloud-enabled fixtures

Get the power of Lightcloud factory installed in RAB fixtures for faster, easier installation.
Just power it up and your Lightcloud system is ready to control.

Meet the products.

Lightcloud is developed by a world-class team of industrial designers and engineers at RAB. Each component works seamlessly and harmoniously with our extensive line of high performance lighting fixtures.


The Gateway is the brain of Lightcloud. It communicates with RAB’s servers via private 3G cellular connection.


The IP66-rated Controller is the basic building block of the Lightcloud system. Use it for switching 0-10V dimmer or power management.


The Lightcloud Sensor is a dual-technology motion detector that can switch and dim both local and remote circuits.


The Lightcloud Dimmer is an in-wall device that delivers remote switching, dimming and scene control.


This solar-powered, wireless sensor can dim or shut off electric lighting when sunlight is sufficient to achieve your desired lighting level.


The Touch is a wall-mounted touch screen that gives you switching, dimming and scene control for all your zones.

Easy to sell, easy to order.

Lightcloud is a simple and smart wireless control system that's easy to sell, with features and benefits that can be explained in a few minutes. And just like all RAB products, Lightcloud is super easy to order. Simply contact your rep to place an order or call us directly and we'll do the rest.

Free training.

The Lightcloud system is simple to use, but if you're interested in learning how to design, install and commission the entire system, RAB offers online and in person training, free of charge.

Affordable pricing.

The Lightcloud system consists of six simple components that are each sold separately. Add up the component costs and you've got the total. Nothing hidden, no surprises.

Free lighting design.

Need design help? Lightcloud provides a team of Lighting Control professionals who will work with your plans to design a lighting layout and control system that meets code.

RAB - a trusted brand.

With Lightcloud, you'll get a smart lighting control system that's consistent with what people have come to expect from RAB. Simple, powerful and reliable, the Lightcloud control system is backed by one of the most trusted names in the industry - RAB.

Built to last.

Lightcloud components are designed to handle tough environments, so it will be there when you need it for many years to come.

10 year warranty.

Included in the Lightcloud service is a full warranty for a period of ten (10) years. RAB has been providing lighting and controls for 70 years and we're just getting warmed up, so you know we'll be there whenever you need us.

No callbacks. We promise.

RAB is standing by to answer any and all customer questions. From re-commissioning to troubleshooting, we handle it all. We'll even send a field technician on site if needed.

World-class customer service.

RAB will provide support during installation and commissioning, and throughout the entire life of the system. We can troubleshoot issues over the phone and even send a team of field technicians to any job site if needed.

Eligible for rebates.

All Lightcloud components are eligible for lucrative utility rebates offered by participating utilities.

Smartphone control.

All you need is a smartphone and the Lightcloud app to adjust your lights from anywhere. Don't have a smartphone? Simply go to

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