We have a flood for that.

A family of floods for every application.

RAB floodlights are relied upon to illuminate everything from landmarks to loading docks. That's why we offer a full family of products, that provides you with the power of choice to select the price and performance that meet your unique requirements.

Overview FXLED is the most robust and versatile of the flood families, with several distributions and large power packages tailored to meet your specific needs. The FFLED family combines versatility and affordability to provide a great mid-range collection of floods without sacrificing quality. EZLED is a high-output spotlight designed to deliver a concentrated beam that illuminates large objects at distances of up to 80 feet.
Price $$$$ $$$ $$$
Warranty 5-Year, No Compromise 5-Year, No Compromise 5-Year, No Compromise
Beam Spreads Up to 5 Up to 3 Up to 2
Lifespan 100,000 hours 100,000 hours 100,000 hours
480V Option Yes Yes No
Colored Lenses Available Available Available
Dimming Available Available Available
Photocell Available Available Available
DLC/Energy Star DLC Standard & Premium DLC Standard & Premium DLC Standard
IP Rating IP66 IP66 IP66
Price $$
Warranty 5-Year Limited
Beam Spreads 1
Lifespan 60,000 Hours
480V Option None
LED Type Chip On Board
Dimming None
Photocell None
DLC/Energy Star Energy Star Rated
IP Rating IP66

FXLED floods come in a broad range of lumen packages. They're ideal for applications requiring high-performance light output and efficient operation such as wide-open areas, large building façades, and athletic fields.

FXLED 200W-500W

  • Light output from 31,000 - 63,000 lumens
  • 500W Replaces up to (2) 1000W MH
  • Up to 132 lm/W; can save up to 70% in energy costs
  • 5 Distributions: 7H x 6V, 6H x 4V,
    4H x 6V, 5H x 5V, and 3H x 3V
  • Slipfitter or trunnion mount
  • Security-level illumination 150ft from the fixture

FXLED 78W–150W

  • Light output from 10,000 - 21,000 lumens
  • Up to 750W PSMH - 1000W MH
  • 150W Replaces 400W MH
  • Up to 128 lm/W; can save up to 66% in energy costs
  • Distribution: 6H x 6V
  • Slipfitter or trunnion mount
  • Optional bi-level and dimmable driver

FXLED Accessories


  • 15HFXLED300-8 | HFLED300W-8
    (60° for 200W-500W models)
  • HFX150-24 | HFX150W-14
    (20° for 78W-150W models)
  • HFX150-8 | HFX150W-8
    (30° for 78W-150W models)

Wire Guards

  • GDFXLED300W (for 200W-500W models)
  • GDFXLED78W (for 78W-150W models)


  • GDFXLED300P (for 200W-500W models)
  • GDFXLED78P (for 78W-150W models)


    (Horiz. for 200W-500W models)
    (Horiz. for 78W-150W models)
    (Vert. for 78W-150W models)

The FFLED family hits the sweet spot for small to mid-size lighting applications.
With eight lumen packages, three beam spreads and multiple mounting options, FFLED floods offer a perfect solution for illuminating façades, parking lots, industrial yards and signage.

FFLED 120W–230W

  • Light output from 16,700 - 34,000 lumens
  • 230W Replaces up to 1000W MH
  • Up to 152 lm/W; can save up to 78% in energy costs
  • 3 Distributions: 7H x 6V,
    5H x 5V, 4H x 4V
  • Slipfitter or trunnion mount
  • Available with twistlock photocell, Lightcloud controls, and 7-pin receptable


  • Light output from 4,000 - 10,400 lumens
  • 80W Replaces 400W MH
  • Up to 143 lm/W; can save up to 78% in energy costs
  • 3 Distributions: 7H x 6V, 5H x 5V, 4H x 4V
  • Slipfitter, trunnion or swivel-arm mount


  • Up to 2,429 lumens
  • Replaces up to 100W MH
  • Up to 100 lm/W; can save up to 76% in energy costs
  • Distribution: 7H x 6V
  • Button or swivel photocell options available

FFLED Accessories


  • HFF18-5 | HFF18W-5
    (20° for 18W models)
  • HFF80-6 | HFF80W-6
    (20° for 26W-80W models)
  • HFFLED120-8 | HFFLED120W-8
    (20° for 120W models)
  • HFFLED230-12 | HFFLED230-12
    (20° for 180-230W models)
  • HFF18-3 | HFF18W-3
    (30° for 18W models)
  • HFF80-3 | HFF80W-3
    (30° for 26W-80W models)
  • HFFLED120-5 | HFFLED120W-5
    (30° for 120W models)
  • HFFLED230-7 | HFFLED230W-7
    (30° for 180W-230W models)

Wire Guards

  • GDFFLED18W (for 18W models)
  • GDFFLED39W (for 26W-80W models)
  • GDFFLED120W (for 120W models)
  • GDFFLED230W (for 180W-230W models)


  • GDFFLED18P (for 18W models)
  • GDFFLED39P (for 26W-80W models)
  • GDFFLED120P (for 120W models)
  • GDFFLED230P (for 180W-230W models)

The EZLED is a power-packed, narrow-beam spotlight that produces up to 10,000 lumens and illuminates objects 80 feet away. It's great for lighting flags, monuments, steeples, and bridges.


  • Up to 10,000 lumens
  • Replaces up to 400W MH
  • Spotlight with ultra-low field-to-beam ratio
  • Illuminates objects up to 80ft away
  • 2 Distributions: 3H x 3V and 4H x 4V
  • Slipfitter or trunnion mount

The PIP family of floodlights is designed to provide a lot of light at a low cost. Six models deliver 2,000 to 16,600 lumens, with efficacy ratings up to 150 lumens per watt. Use PIP floods anywhere you need general-purpose floodlighting without breaking the budget.

PIPXL 70W & 100W

  • Light output from 10,600 - 16,600 lumens
  • 100W Replaces up to 750W PSMH
  • Distribution: 7H x 6V
  • Slipfitter or trunnion mount
  • 0-10V dimming

PIP 15W – 45W

  • Light output from 2,000 - 6,400 lumens
  • 45W Replaces up 250W MH
  • Distribution: 7H x 6V
  • 0-10V dimming

PIP Accessories


  • HPIPXL-12 | HPIPXLW-12
    (for 70W & 100W models)

Wire Guards

  • GDPIPXLW (for 70W & 100W models)

The economical 13W LESLIE floodlight delivers supreme value. It has a discreet, low-profile design and produces a wide distribution without any hot spots. LESLIE floods are an excellent choice for landscape lighting and illuminating buildings and grounds in commercial and residential settings.


  • Up to 1,200 lumens
  • Up to 88 lm/W; can save up to 82% in energy costs
  • 75W BR equivalency
  • Distribution: 6H x 6V


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